The Search for Impact in Competitive Long-Term Returns

[On-Demand Webinar]

Demand for ESG Investing is Surging. Since the 1990s, the movement among investors to “vote with their wallets” in support of companies that are making a positive impact has taken off. Today, with more than $35 trillion in assets worldwide*, fund managers are broadly using ESG criteria to identify both risks and opportunities. In spite of growing demand, many advisors are still hesitant to talk to clients about ESG investing. One reason for this is the perception that doing good comes at a cost of earning competitive returns.

Magnifi was joined by Boston Common Asset Management and Conscious Endeavors for a virtual panel presented by Financial Advisor Magazine. Watch this on-demand webinar for a discussion about:

  • How advisors can fulfill a dual mandate of financial return and social change
  • Shareowner engagement tools, success stories, and 2022 trends
  • Investing frameworks that help address gender based violence
  • Technology that enables advisors to discover new impact investments

*Global Sustainable Investment Alliance. Global Sustainable Investment Review 2020.

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