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Why Invest in Exponential Technologies Healthcare?

Based on the latest data from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, healthcare spending in the United States increased by almost 5% in 2019. The total national costs of healthcare are $3.8 trillion dollars, or $11,582 per year for every American, totaling 17.7 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product. This massive industry is ripe for technological disruptions that could increase the quality of care and lower costs for patients.

Morningstar Research

This managed portfolio is powered by the research of more than 100 Morningstar equity research analysts. These analysts have scored the stocks in the portfolio based on their exposure to Exponential Technologies Healthcare on a scale of 0-3. This portfolio targets companies poised to benefit from this growing sector.

The Morningstar Exponential Technologies Healthcare Index provides exposure to 30 U.S. companies the Morningstar Equity Research team believes are positioned to experience meaningful economic benefits from increased adoption of Exponential Technologies Healthcare.

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The fund is reconstituted and rebalanced annually with a minimum of $300 for investment. They are exclusively found on the Magnifi platform for Magnifi accountholders.

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