(February 2021)

ESG has been getting more and more mainstream, and yesterday it likely took the final hurdle to major acceptance. A top asset manager with almost $1 tn in AUM announced that from here forward, all its new funds would be ESG. The manager is DWS group, which is majority owned by Deutsche Bank. According to DWS, “Sustainability is more than a corporate topic, it’s a society topic and an industry topic”. The move follows UBS’ recommendation last year that investors choose sustainable investing over traditional investing. However, according to some US financial advisors, these kind of moves will come slowly in the US. “There is too much assets tied up in old money and not enough advisor support,” says Jeff Glitterman of Glitterman Wealth Management.

(New York)

FINSUM + Magnifi: We have to agree with Glitterman here. While BlackRock has certainly been a leader in the US, there is a reason a lot of these big announcements have been coming from European firms.US firms just aren’t keeping pace with rising consumer demand.


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