(October 2020)

Investors have a great deal of consternation about the election. Not only does the outcome offer two very different realities, but the odds of a hotly contested election are high, with a potentially brutal effect on market prices because of the long period of uncertainty that would ensue. With that in mind, here are some ideas for how to play the election. In a Democratic sweep, where higher taxes seem likely, big stocks might face some headwinds. However, consumers would probably receive some extra stimulus, which means spending would be better. In this scenario, look at McDonalds, Target, Dollar General, and Nike. If the election is split, with a Democratic president and a split Congress, that would likely mean a slower recovery and less spending, so think about Walmart, Dollar Tree, and Home Depot. Finally, in a Republican sweep, most things would stay the same as now, and Best Buy, Walmart, Dollar General, and LuluLemon could do well.


(New York)


FINSUM + Magnifi: The key theme here is that consumer discretionary funds that sell lower-priced items appear likely to do well in any election scenario. Accordingly, check out some top consumer discretionary ETFs like XLY from State Street, or RXI from iShares.


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