Tax Loss Harvesting in Volatile Markets

Although it can be stressful, stock market volatility can be very beneficial for the savvy investor. Why? Because as investors watch the Dow swing up and down, tax loss harvesting is a good way to make this chaos work for you.

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The Democrats' New Tax Plans are a Big Risk to Clients

(August 2020)

Advisors with high net worth clients—which serve as a large majority—need to be very mindful of numerous Democratic tax proposals. Not only would Biden's proposed tax plan raise income taxes to over 65% in California, and at least 52% everywhere in the US, but California has just proposed a wealth tax of 0.4% per year on all wealth over $30m per couple. The proposal seems likely to be passed because of Democrats' super-majority in the state's legislature. While Biden and the Democrats are still months away from the possibility of entering the White House, they are leading in the polls, which means advisors need to be aware of how these changes could affect advisors.

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