One by one over the years you met new clients, shook their hands, and they entrusted your firm with their investments. Slowly, word got around and your portfolio grew. In January of 2020, before the world was upended by the COVID-19 pandemic, years of progress and growth seemed like the norm. 

All was well. 



Then, suddenly this spring after the dawn of COVID-19, the world was on edge and the markets went wild, no one knowing exactly what was next. Could we flatten the curve? What if we didn’t? The world, including the US economy, stopped in an unprecedented way. 

Now, while we can almost see a light at the end of the tunnel, the potential for a COVID-19 resolution is less than clear and the economy is still reeling. The world has questions, and the economy can’t recover in full until we have answers.

  • Will all the vaccine trials go swimmingly? Perhaps. 
  • Will a vaccine be distributed efficiently? Hopefully. 
  • How quickly will impacted industries rebound? Hmm. 
  • Not to mention: who will win the election? Who knows? 

To say it lightly, the markets are volatile, changing more quickly than ever. It’s not the world of January 2020 anymore, yet you still have that large client roster to manage. In the world of today, that is a much different, more challenging task. 

In this tumultuous new era, you need to know which clients are suddenly overexposed when a macroeconomic event swings the market in order to adjust their portfolio promptly. But, how can you easily search each client’s portfolio performance day-to-day and swing-to-swing? How can you identify thematically the issues that might impact your clientele across the board? You might be asking: is that even that possible? 

Simply put: if you don’t have the right technology, you might not be in a position to identify and change course quickly enough. 

But, it is possible. Magnifi gives advisors the ability to quickly navigate large account databases and rapidly uncover positions to ensure that clients aren’t left overexposed. This is ideal for individual managers or investment firm teams managing large rosters remotely. 

Simply search the Magnifi client portal in any number of dynamic ways, from security to theme to asset class. Upon entering a search term, the system quickly returns a clear list of exposed clients ranked based on how exposed they are. 


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