(September 2020)

US tension with China is reaching new heights over the last few weeks. Not only are the two countries in an escalating trade war that has finally started to see China getting more assertive vis-a-vis Trump’s actions, but now Beijing and Washington are squaring off over TikTok. With trade relations between the countries devolving, Goldman says the best action investors can take is to invest in funds which have exposure to US onshoring efforts. Goldman’s thesis is that economic tension with China will lead to the onshoring of US supply lines, and that such a transition will benefit a handful of sectors. In particular, pharmaceuticals may do well as it is becoming very plausible that the US government might mandate that pharmaceutical drugs need to be made in the US. Additionally, automation and robotics companies stand to gain as the expense of reshoring US manufacturing leads to investments in automation.

(New York)

FINSUM + Magnifi: Pharmaceuticals are an interesting angle, but that would still be reliant on policy changes by the government. Robotics and automation funds seem like a safer bet as that transition is already under way.


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