What if you had a simple-to-use, advanced tool that guided you in giving every client portfolio an edge in an evidenced-based and systematic way? With Magnifi’s Enhancer feature, you do.

Magnifi’s Enhancer tool allows advisors to adjust existing accounts either at the fund level or by comparing them with model portfolios based on user-specified factors.  

When reviewing portfolios at the fund level, Magnifi helps advisors to select better alternative funds by features such as cost, exposures, or risk. Magnifi can do this either by individual fund or by fund family. The Enhancer identifies the performance impact of the current fund based on actual returns. Then, it offers side-by-side recommendations for alternative fund options with an analysis of their anticipated performance impact and other user-requested factors.


Another way to use the Enhancer feature is to search model portfolios to compare to an existing client portfolio based on specific factors, such as lower volatility. Once you select new portfolio options based on an existing portfolio and a client’s investment goals, incorporating preferred factors, you can easily generate a trade list complete with analysis for client review. 

With the right tools to make every portfolio better, you and your clients will be on the path to better returns than ever before.