FINSUM + Magnifi: This Sector is at Huge Risk from Biden’s Tax Plan

April 13, 2021

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen released bits of the Biden administration's Future Tax plan which is linked to the $2.3 trillion infrastructure proposal. Titled “Made in America”, the plan eliminates many subsidies for fossil fuel companies and introduces a host of incentives for alternative energy. The treasury estimates that the fossil fuel measures will save $35 billion over the next decade. Such measures are the elimination of the drilling costs reduction, which on its own is estimated to generate $13 billion in the same decade. Additionally, the bill extends the investment tax credit for green energy and incentivizes sustainable aviation fuel. Finally, the bill raises the corporate tax rate from 21% to 28%.

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FINSUM + Magnifi: Surging Muni Demand Threatens Returns

(February 2021)

Municipal bond market returns remain low, but nonetheless investors seem willing to keep demanding low yield munis. This rise in demand has pushed the 10-year muni-treasury spread to -50 basis points. This comes after last March when muni’s were not only higher than the 10-year treasury but 300% of the 10-year t-bill. Part of what is driving the municipal bond market so low is a $12.5 billion dollar influx in muni mutual funds in January alone. The supply side of the market is also affecting rates as issuance slowed in the market. Munis usually provide tax relief for many investors but members of BlackRock’s municipal group said the share of taxable muni’s “remained elevated” at 29%. The group also expects these trends to continue in this segment of the bond market.
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