FINSUM + Magnifi: Gold Bulls See Second Stimulus Package as Tipping Point for Another Run

April 13, 2021

Gold had one of its biggest runs last August, but gold funds and ETFs have been the real victors. VanEck Vectors Gold Miners is up 50% over the past year which is 1.5x the gain in Gold itself, and smaller miners have been gaining traction with Canadian Amex Exploration up 128% and Starr Peak Mining up 300% over the past 12 months. As the Biden administration looks immediately to another trillion-dollar stimulus infrastructure package after just passing the first one, many are worried about the ‘Cobra effect’, a phrase coined by Lawrence McDonald. Where stimulus will be short-lived and people will be short-changed with hyperinflation. Junior minors such as Amex and Starr Peak are capitalizing on new territory and are in a position to benefit from macro factors the most.

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How Magnifi Can Enhance Client Portfolios

What if you had a simple-to-use, advanced tool that guided you in giving every client portfolio an edge in an evidenced-based and systematic way? With Magnifi’s Enhancer feature, you do.

Magnifi’s Enhancer tool allows advisors to adjust existing accounts either at the fund level or by comparing them with model portfolios based on user-specified factors.  

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How Magnifi Answers Common Investment Management Questions

For investment firms, a robust client list means success in many ways. Your firm has put in the work, stood by its commitment to diligently managing client portfolios, and continually prioritizes helping clients achieve their investment goals no matter the market. 

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As a financial advisor, your job is to get specific when it comes to knowing each client’s financial goals and where to put each client’s money in order to achieve those goals. After all, if individual investors had your nuanced expertise and arsenal of investing tools, why would they entrust their wealth to an advisor?

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Fiduciary Risk and Magnifi’s New Fi360 Scoring

Advisors know that private wealth management is an increasingly competitive market. And while all advisors in the field should act as responsible fiduciaries by minimizing fiduciary risk, not all do.  

As an advisor, this leaves you with two challenges. First, minimizing fiduciary risk in all portfolios, and second, demonstrating this minimized risk to clients and prospective clients. While that might sound daunting, with the right technology, it’s entirely possible.
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Build Client Portfolios the Easy Way

Great news… your firm has landed new clients and is growing fast. The papers are signed, the money is in place, and now, all that you need to do is seamlessly deliver flawless, individualized portfolios for each of them that can weather the current tumultuous economy. No problem, right? If you have the right technology, it’s no problem at all. 
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What Investors Need to Know About Buffer ETFs

Exchange-traded funds, or ETFs, are a type of investment vehicle that offer access to different themes and industries, and they’re one of the most popular asset classes available today. In 2019, ETF inflows totaled $326 billion, and that figure has already been surpassed as of September 2020. In fact, ETF inflows right now are only $144 billion short of 2017's record $476.1 billion.
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An Investors Guide to Yield

The greater the risk, the greater the reward, as the old adage goes. When it comes to yield funds, that’s mostly true. High-yield assets are for investors looking to make income from buying and holding their investments. While investor taste for risk has mostly declined with the market’s volatility, high-yield funds remain an option for those investors steadfast enough to weather the market swings. 
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Defensive Investing in a Pandemic

None of us have ever lived through anything like this before. The COVID-19 pandemic has touched every corner of the globe, sickening nearly 45 million and killing more than a million worldwide. It truly is the defining story of our time and a great human tragedy.

Yet, as we all work to protect those most at risk and get through this together, savvy investors are finding novel ways to, not profit off the pandemic, but uncover new opportunities as a result of COVID-19. This is being driven by everything from increased spending on sweatpants and leisure wear, to reduced gasoline sales as commutes faded into memory, to new opportunities for the grocery sector thanks to at-home food prep. These trends and others have formed the foundation of new defensive investment plays.Read more

Everything Investors Need to Know About Actively Managed ETFs

Over the past 20 years, ETFs have become an increasingly popular alternative to traditional mutual funds. They’re easy to access, trade like stocks and available to all investors no matter how much they want to invest at any one time. And, while passively managed ETFs have become increasingly popular as an investment tool, there’s more to the ETF asset class than just passive funds.

ETFs simply aren’t one-size-fits-all.

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