Fiduciary Risk and Magnifi’s New Fi360 Scoring

Advisors know that private wealth management is an increasingly competitive market. And while all advisors in the field should act as responsible fiduciaries by minimizing fiduciary risk, not all do.  

As an advisor, this leaves you with two challenges. First, minimizing fiduciary risk in all portfolios, and second, demonstrating this minimized risk to clients and prospective clients. While that might sound daunting, with the right technology, it’s entirely possible.
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Build Client Portfolios the Easy Way

Great news… your firm has landed new clients and is growing fast. The papers are signed, the money is in place, and now, all that you need to do is seamlessly deliver flawless, individualized portfolios for each of them that can weather the current tumultuous economy. No problem, right? If you have the right technology, it’s no problem at all. 
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What Investors Need to Know About Buffer ETFs

Exchange-traded funds, or ETFs, are a type of investment vehicle that offer access to different themes and industries, and they’re one of the most popular asset classes available today. In 2019, ETF inflows totaled $326 billion, and that figure has already been surpassed as of September 2020. In fact, ETF inflows right now are only $144 billion short of 2017's record $476.1 billion.
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