FINSUM + Magnifi: Gold Bulls See Second Stimulus Package as Tipping Point for Another Run

April 13, 2021

Gold had one of its biggest runs last August, but gold funds and ETFs have been the real victors. VanEck Vectors Gold Miners is up 50% over the past year which is 1.5x the gain in Gold itself, and smaller miners have been gaining traction with Canadian Amex Exploration up 128% and Starr Peak Mining up 300% over the past 12 months. As the Biden administration looks immediately to another trillion-dollar stimulus infrastructure package after just passing the first one, many are worried about the ‘Cobra effect’, a phrase coined by Lawrence McDonald. Where stimulus will be short-lived and people will be short-changed with hyperinflation. Junior minors such as Amex and Starr Peak are capitalizing on new territory and are in a position to benefit from macro factors the most.

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FINSUM + Magnifi: Video Games and Streaming Unite in New ETF

(March 2021)

A new ETF tapping into dual online crazes has been filed for the First Trust S-Network Streaming and Gaming ETF. The ETF will focus on platforms that allow gamers and creators to stream content, E-Sports, and internet gambling enabled platforms. The ETF will generally track the price and yield of the S-Network Global Streaming and Gaming Index. The pandemic has breathed extra life into an already growing industry, as video game sales were up 35% year over year. Streaming is on pace to be a $247.27 billion industry by 2027. Other competitors in this market segment are the Esports ETF (NERD), Global X Video Games and & Esports ETF (HERO), and VanEck Vectors Video Gaming and eSports ETF (ESPO).
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FINSUM + Magnifi: Here's How ESG Flows Really Work

(February 2021)

When the average investor conceptualizes an ESG investment they are picturing diverting funds to a growing new wind energy company or a carbon-neutral delivery service. The reality is that technology companies comprise a bulk of ESG investment, and not because they are green in an intuitive sense but because they have little need to pollute. Here is an example of how that plays out: Asia captured 83.33% of emerging market ESG investment because of its heavy tech weighting. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing, Tencent, and Samsung are the big tech companies generating returns for Asian EM ETFs over other regions.
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How Magnifi Can Enhance Client Portfolios

What if you had a simple-to-use, advanced tool that guided you in giving every client portfolio an edge in an evidenced-based and systematic way? With Magnifi’s Enhancer feature, you do.

Magnifi’s Enhancer tool allows advisors to adjust existing accounts either at the fund level or by comparing them with model portfolios based on user-specified factors.  

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