Invest for the Future Through the Future of Investing

If you are like most investors, you may have difficulty finding the funds you want and differentiating them from one another. Endless scrolling, filtering, and fine print lead to confusion and settling for less than the best investment choice you could make. Magnifi has the answer. We are transforming the investment world with our natural language search platform that allows you to easily find and buy the funds which work best for your portfolio. We allow you to search, discover, and transact without endless screening. Our transformative platform offers fractional share trading and our exclusive Magnifi Morningstar Managed Portfolios to help you invest in innovation-focused portfolios with a selection of 100+ companies each based on Morningstar research.

No commission charges, no hidden costs, just an intuitive platform to help you invest at your best. Magnifi is the future of investing, want to join?

What is Magnifi?

Magnifi is simplifying the Search, Research, and Investing process, helping investors find thematic opportunities and stay invested in the long-term. With our natural language search platform, type in what you’re interested in, get results in seconds, and invest in two clicks. Simply open a Magnifi account, and unlock access to fractional shares, commission-free trades, and our exclusive Morningstar x Magnifi Managed Portfolios where you can invest in innovative ideas like Fintech, Nanotechnology, Robotics, Big Data, and more. Invest responsibly, open a Magnifi Account today.

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