The Future of Autonomous Vehicles is Here

September 29, 2021 –

China has been one of the biggest players in both electric and autonomous vehicles, and a new alliance has escalated that position. WeRide, one of the largest autonomous startups, teamed up with Jiangling Motors (JMC), a large automaker, and ZTO Express to produce a ‘Robovan’. WeRide has mainly been producing human transportation in autonomous cabs but this branch out is a promising venture for all parties. They see the branching into logistics deliveries as a natural evolution of their company model, and in the future, they will be involved in the operation of ZTO’s logistics network using the autonomous Robovans. They are expecting tens of thousands in the Robovan fleet, but a specific timeline has not been addressed. The company’s biggest competitors are Baidu and, but it’s rapidly expanding as last year it acquired autonomous trucking company Finally, the chip shortage is of little concern for WeRide as they aren’t in full-scale manufacturing yet, and expect a normal environment when they begin to scale.

Magnifi takeaway: It may be a good time to look abroad for diversified investments in both EV and autonomous vehicles. There is ample opportunity to realize this promising future.

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