Magnifi is a platform that is changing how you shop for investments.
The world of investments has tens of thousands of choices; and the language used to interact with this crowded world is tickers, screens and filters. All this makes investing rather complicated.

Magnifi was built so users – whether they are consumers, financial advisors or portfolio managers – can easily discover investments using natural language. Our proprietary technology was built on the foundation of semantics (interpreting meaning not just matching), making it easy to for both the amateur and the seasoned investor.

For some new shoppers, Magnifi will demystify the world of investments. For others more experienced such as wealth and portfolio managers, it will free up precious time with faster discovery. For all users, Magnifi will help with smarter decisions.


Simply type what you are looking for. This could be a feature that matters to you (e.g. inexpensive funds) or a region you are excited about (e.g. asia no china) or a theme you believe in (robotics funds) or something that reflects who you are (promote gender diversity). Mix and match. Go ahead, find that right missing piece for your portfolio.


Once you initiate your search, you will discover the most relevant funds from the thousands of funds out there. Select the funds most interesting to you and open the shopping cart to learn more. Use the comparison calculator (patent pending) to personalize your preferences and identify the best fund for you. Then, on the combine section, analyze the implications of how much to buy.


Ready? Once you have discovered and selected the funds you want to buy, simply place an order. This is seamless once you have registered your preferred online broker. We will send the order on your behalf to them – no need to login separately. And no, we don’t charge any additional fees.

Magnifi provides a gateway to 2,000+ Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), 7,000+ Mutual Funds (MFs), over 1,100+ Model Portfolios and 10,000+ SMAs.

Magnifi is free of charge for users to access ETFs and Mutual Funds. The premium service has a monthly subscription fee of $500 per month that allows users to build their own calculator, print proposal reports, and more.

Magnifi was formed in the summer of 2018 after our team observed the frustrating and limited user experience consumers, advisors and portfolio managers have while exploring possible investments. We founded Magnifi to empower investors and make finance friendlier.

Our vision is to be “THE” place to shop for investments. Our mission is to use technology and science to personalize and facilitate discovery, comparison and action in the investment process.

The firm was founded as part of the TIFIN group, a platform founded by Dr. Vinay Nair, a finance professor and fintech entrepreneur, to launch fintech firms in the areas of personal finance, wealth and asset management.

Our team of over a dozen professionals comes from areas of machine learning, natural language processing, software development, investment management and fintech based in New York and India.

We are supported by a group of advisors and investors who started or managed firms in areas of investments, payments, investment management, and search.

We also have a strategic partnership with Amenity Analytics, a firm that develops cloud-based text analytics solutions using natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning.

Senior Management Team

Dr. Vinay Nair

Founder and Executive Co-Chairman

A serial entrepreneur, investor, Wharton professor and Founder and Chairman of The TIFIN Group. Vinay has started, is an advisor or board member in several companies in financial services.  Vinay has always sought to challenge the status quo in investing. He has founded numerous companies linking investments and technology (55ip, Magnifi, MIO, Positivly) as well as run a quantitative hedge fund (Ada Investments).

Rick Hurwitz


Rick’s proven track record of building and successfully exiting high growth companies spans 30 years and includes extensive experience in talent development, general management, and capital raising with financial service and technology companies in the US and abroad.

Jeremy May


Former President of ALPS Fund Services and ALPS Distributors

Niharika Shah


Previously Chief Brand Officer for Prudential Financial Inc

Michael Winnick


Former head of institutional and intermediary sales at Schwab and MD, Russell Investments

Colby Stilson


Previously CFO at Crestone Capital

Director & Advisors

David Pottruck

Executive Co-Chairman & Director

David is an educator, author, and former executive at many leading financial services firms. He previously served as CEO of Charles Schwab and Chairman of HighTower Advisors.  He currently serves as Chairman of  Red Eagle Ventures.

Jack Swift


An entrepreneurial leader, investor and business development executive. Former Partner and Co-Founder of Northern Lights Capital Partners (now Pacific Current Group, ASX:PAC). Graduate of the USMA at West Point, Jack served in the U.S. Army as an Airborne Ranger.  Jack now serves as both the CEO of The TIFIN Group and Market Insight Out.

Tricia Rothchild

Board Advisor

Current President of Apex Clearing Corp and former Chief Product Officer of Morningstar.

Gary Kaminsky

Special Advisor

Former Vice Chairman of Morgan Stanley wealth management, author and television personality on leading networks such as CNBC.

Sunita Verma

Special Advisor

Distinguished Engineer at Google, and former engineering executive at Yahoo! and Symantec.