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Our team of over a dozen professionals comes from areas of machine learning, natural language processing, software development, investment management, and fintech.

We are supported by a group of advisors and investors who started or managed firms in areas of investments, payments, investment management, and search.

We also have a strategic partnership with Amenity Analytics, a firm that develops cloud-based text analytics solutions using natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning.

Senior Management Team

Dr. Vinay Nair

Founder and Executive Co-Chairman

A serial entrepreneur, investor, Wharton professor and Founder and Chairman of The TIFIN Group. Vinay has started, is an advisor or board member in several companies in financial services.  Vinay has always sought to challenge the status quo in investing. He has founded numerous companies linking investments and technology (55ip, Magnifi, MIO, Positivly) as well as run a quantitative hedge fund (Ada Investments).

Jack Swift

Senior Partner

An entrepreneurial leader, investor and business development executive. Former Partner and Co-Founder of Northern Lights Capital Partners (now Pacific Current Group, ASX:PAC). Graduate of the USMA at West Point, Jack served in the U.S. Army as an Airborne Ranger.  Jack now serves as both the CEO of The TIFIN Group and Market Insight Out.

Tom Van Horn

Chief Product Officer

Van Horn brings almost 20 years of experience across different product, technology, and executive roles to Magnifi. He was most recently Vice President of Product Management at Broadridge Financial where he led product growth, innovation, and execution for Broadridge’s wealth management segment. In this role, Tom has built a track record of innovation and product execution across the largest North American wealth management firms and Broker-Dealers ranging from front to back-office wealth management solutions. Prior to his role with Broadridge Tom was Senior Vice President of Operations with leading portfolio management company FinFolio and Chief Compliance Officer/Director of Operations for a leading wealth management RIA firm in Denver, Colorado.

Erez Yereslove

Chief Marketing Officer

Erez is a seasoned marketing executive with global leadership experience at companies like The Walt Disney Company, NBCUniversal, and eHarmony, combining creative thought-leading perspective with a customer-focused approach. Most recently, he served as CMO at Globality, a Silicon Valley company that has developed B2B Marketplace for services utilizing AI, and COO, Marketing and Head of Monetization at eBay/PayPal, where he led the marketing strategy and execution.