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Win more clients with lightning fast, personalized investment proposals powered by AI and investment intelligence.

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Identify the best investments and provide tailored recommendations based on each client's preferences.


Leverage selector to find and compare investments that are the best fit for your models and client accounts.


Craft hyper-personalized investment recommendations that showcase valuable enhancements across themes, risk, fees, returns, and more in minutes.


Magnifi provides integrations with leading custodians, such as Schwab and TD Ameritrade, so you can manage your book of business in less time and with fewer resources.

Google-like search for the investment universe

Magnifi is the first natural-language search platform for the world of investment management. It helps financial advisors discover new investments, compare them to existing holdings, and enhance client portfolios to manage their book of business more efficiently. In an era with thousands of ETFs, mutual funds, stocks, and model portfolios to choose from, Magnifi enables advisors with tools and insights that save time and deliver a personalized client experience.

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The Industry Is Taking Notice

Magnifi’s advanced investment intelligence and AI is changing the way wealth managers interact with client portfolios. It is no surprise Magnifi was one of only a few platforms to be nominated for multiple 2021 Industry Awards: “Best AI Technology” and “Best Portfolio Analytics Tool”.

Personalize client portfolios at scale

Discover how Magnifi’s AI helps financial advisors deliver value to clients through hyper-personalized investment recommendations. The result? More clients, greater wallet share, and less held away assets.

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Seamless integrations with leading custodians

Magnifi is dedicated to being the most efficient portfolio enhancement platform for financial advisors.  With seamless custodian integrations – whether you custody at Schwab, TD, or elsewhere – you can use our advanced investment intelligence to streamline how your firm optimizes client accounts.

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